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Best Demon Slayer Quotes

Here’s a list of our favorite Quotes from Demon Slayer:

“Health cannot be bought, so I sincerely hope that you are in good shape.”
“The heart is the source of energy for humans! And the strength of the heart is infinite!”
“- To be able to train with someone stronger than you is a shortcut to progress! By competing against someone stronger, we can absorb all their experience and become even more powerful!”
“It is those who have the most humanity left who lose first.”
“Even when you have lost a loved one, you must continue to live and move forward. Whatever the pain.”


Best Demon Slayer Quotes

“The powerful and pure rage that fuels the thirst for revenge is always an unfailing engine.”
“The winners are those who survive.”
“- All those who lend me a hand have only one wish, one feeling, to defeat the demons and protect the lives of humans. I must fulfill their expectation!!!”
“We are human, we cannot just snap our fingers and move on. Even the strongest of us suffer and are sad from time to time. But there is no point in lying on the floor and crying until the end of time. You must kick your wounded heart in the butt and get up again.”
“Happiness and unhappiness are like the twisted threads of a rope. Good things and bad things are supposed to alternate.”
“- Alone, you cannot do more than that. That is why people help each other to reach their goal.”
“Even if we don’t have an easy life, we are happy. But in life, nothing is taken for granted. Things can change so fast… The good weather doesn’t last forever. Neither does the snow. The only thing that never changes is the smell of blood when happiness is shattered.”
“People who get angry at others often forget to protect themselves.”
“We demons can’t live in groups because we would devour each other. Do you know why Kibutsuji decided this? It is because he is afraid that we will join together against him. He manipulates you without you realizing it.”
“Water can take on any shape. Round in one container, it becomes square in another. Sometimes, it can also break rocks and continue its course without anything stopping it.”
“I would not have believed, in fact the mabouls who live in the same dimension of mabouls, they do not like each other…”
“Kagaya Ubuyashiki, leader of the Demon Slayers. The tone of his voice and the rhythm of his gestures had the power to make his interlocutors feel good by a phenomenon that would be described, centuries later, under the name of “rose sound”. This is a common ability of charismatic leaders who are able to rally a large number of people to their cause.”
“Holding our heads high means that we must constantly act with an awareness of what we do, where we fit in, and why we do it. We must behave with righteousness, so as not to shame the values we represent.”
“The weak have no rights or choices. They are just good for being crushed by the strong!”


Best Demon Slayer Quotes

“- Even without meaning to, all living things produce their own sounds. Breathing, heartbeat, blood flowing through the arteries… By listening carefully, I can know exactly what others are thinking.”
“Making efforts is good, but it is never enough.”
“I wanted to become a pillar so that my brother would accept me. And I wanted to ask him for forgiveness for what happened “that day”.”
“- Yushiro? The only demon you’ve managed to create in over two hundred years? But… how old are you exactly?
– You don’t ask a lady her age!”
“Children and old people are particularly perceptive.”
“Your overpowering attack won’t do you much good if you can’t hit me.”
“All wounds, all diseases can be healed.”
“The color of a sun sword varies according to its wearer, and each color gives it unique properties. Unfortunately, the color black is so rare that no one knows anything about it. So much so that it has acquired the sad reputation of being the color of warriors doomed to oblivion.”
“- Master Urokodaki warned me from the start, the katana is a fragile weapon. The edge of the blade is deadly, but the plate breaks at the slightest opportunity. It is therefore necessary to channel all one’s strength in a very straight way. The blade must be oriented exactly in the same direction as the momentum you are giving it.”


Best Demon Slayer Quotes

“- Remember this well. The power of demons is proportional to the number of humans they have devoured.
– You mean… the more they eat, the stronger they get?
– That’s right. Not only do they get stronger, but some of them metamorphose and acquire strange powers. With experience, you will one day be able to tell by smell how many of them have fallen.”
“Demons have a suffering soul too! And I will not forget that!”
“- You have to move on! If you are a man… A REAL man! MOVING FORWARD IS YOUR ONLY WAY!”
“- You are a man! Stop bawling. It’s pathetic. Whatever pain you’re in, you have to suffer it in silence. If you are a man. A REAL MAN.”


Best Demon Slayer Quotes

“Demons. Main food, human flesh. They kill human beings and devour them. It is not known when and how they appeared. They have powerful physical abilities and their wounds heal almost instantly. When a limb is cut off, they can glue it back together or make it grow again. Some of them even have the ability to transform their bodies. They can only be killed by cutting off their heads with a special blade or by exposing them to sunlight.”
“The role of the slayers is to fight them. Slayers are human. Their wounds do not heal quickly, and if they lose a limb, it is permanent. Yet they fight relentlessly. They do it to protect other humans.”
“Demon slayers. Their total number amounts to a few hundred. Their organization is not recognized by the authorities. But they have been around for a long time and have been hunting demons relentlessly. Nothing is known about their leader.”
“- If you lack the will, you will not be able to protect your sister, nor heal her. Let alone avenge your own.”


Best Demon Slayer Quotes

“- What death shall we inflict on them?”
– As for the way to kill them… That’s easy. As cruel as possible!”
“- It might not have any effect, but… While Nezuko was sleeping, I tried to hypnotize him. I told him… “Humans are your family. The humans are your family. Protect them. They are the demons, your enemies. They are the ones to punish when they hurt people. “”
“- What does this mean? Who are they? A warrior and a demon who put their forces together? It is unbelievable!”
“The uniform of the slashers is also made of a special material. Its fibers are both breathable and not very permeable. Neither the claws nor the fangs of most demons can tear them.”
“- It is imperative that I get a blood sample! In order for my sister to receive the antidote as soon as possible, I am ready to face and defeat any opponent!”
“His reaction was to smile.
A smile on the verge of tears, but happy.
A smile of relief.”
“It is said that a secret weapon that makes you stronger is hidden in this village. Try to find it!”
“The only thing that does not change… It’s the smell of blood when happiness shatters.”

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