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Top 10 Best Zenitsu Agatsuma Gif

Zenitsu is a novice demon hunter and belongs to the same class as Tanjiro. But Zenitsu is not a brave man like many other demon hunters. He is a coward who spends his time running away from adversity and screaming. His ideal of life is to avoid danger as much as possible, but also to courting ladies to find the one he loves. When he discovers Nezuko, his reaction will not be long… In spite of that, Zenitsu remains a fighter with a certain capacity. He handles the thunder breath and has been trained by a mentor. Because of his fearfulness, he has problems to fight seriously. So, it is through his unconscious that Zenitsu will show the extent of his talent…

Here’s our Top 10 for the best Zenitsu Gifs:

10: From scared to unconscious

Top 10 Best Zenitsu Agatsuma Gif

We’re all used to Zenitsu’s cowardice whenever he encounters any Demon, this gif puts in perspective how bad he is at holding back his emotions and keep himself together.

9: the Nichirin Blade

Top 10 Best Zenitsu Agatsuma Gif

In the 9th spot we have the Thunder master unsheathing his yellow Nichirin Blade with a rather angry / emotional look and dashing at his enemy showing no mercy!

8: Nezuko and Zenitsu Lovestory?

Top 10 Best Zenitsu Agatsuma Gif

Zenitsu Agatsuma is know to be completely crazy about Tanjiro Kamado’s sister : Nezuko and he isn’t afraid to show it, this gif displays him looking at a picture of her and blushing at her sight.

Demon Slayer Earrings:

Top 10 Best Zenitsu Agatsuma Gif

7: Zenitsu 7th Form

Top 10 Best Zenitsu Agatsuma Gif

On the 7th place we have Zenitsu getting ready to unleash his 7th form on the Tongue Demon during the Tsuzumi Mansion Arc where he protect the young boy from an inevitable death.

6: Zenitsu’s Demon Slayer pigeon

Top 10 Best Zenitsu Agatsuma Gif

After Passing his final selection exam to become a member of the Demon Slayer Corps in the Fujikasane Mountain surrounded by the Wisteria Flowers, Zenitsu receives his own Demon Slayer Pigeon that will accompany him in his Demon Hunting missions.

5: Zenitsu loves his pigeon

Top 10 Best Zenitsu Agatsuma Gif

4: Thunder Breathing Technique

Top 10 Best Zenitsu Agatsuma Gif

A nice gif illustrating the Thunder Breathing 7th form in action with Zenitsu dashing forward and, in the blink of an eye, cuts the head of the Tongue Demon.

3: High definition Zenitsu Gif

Top 10 Best Zenitsu Agatsuma Gif

2: Zenitsu vs the Spider Demon

Top 10 Best Zenitsu Agatsuma Gif

Zenitsu runs away from a human-headed spider but ends up in the nest of the demon, whose venom turns humans into spiders. He reveals to Zenitsu that he was bitten by one of his spiders while wandering and will lose his human form in thirty minutes. Meanwhile, Zenitsu hides in a tree as other demonic spiders approach him. He remembers his training days with Jigoro Kuwajima, who paid his debt if he became his apprentice and when he was struck by lightning while hiding in a tree. He thinks that he is a pathetic person and tries to stop being a coward but when Zenitsu realizes that his hair starts to fall out, he passes out. While he is sleeping, he starts to attack the elder son. He remembers how he only learned one Lightning Blast attack, but he mastered it so well that he perfected it. He remembers being bullied by Kaigaku, another of Jigoro’s students, who considered the time spent on him a waste. Being an orphan, Zenitsu had a reason not to abandon him and no one to motivate him. The poison starts to affect Zenitsu, making him spit up blood, but it attacks him with lightning speed and kills the demon. He then wakes up but the poison has paralyzed his ability to move and even though he is still scared, Zenitsu uses a breathing technique to slow down the poison as much as possible. Tanjiro hears Zenitsu’s attack and decides to go there. Before he and Inosuke split up, they meet the daughter of the spider family, who runs away when Inosuke is chasing her, calling her father. The father then comes to his help and the girl leaves.

1: Well, he is a bit overpowered when sleeping, isn’t he?

Top 10 Best Zenitsu Agatsuma Gif

And that’s it for our top 10 Zenitsu gifs! We sincerely hope you enjoyed this article and hope to see you soon on, the online store specialized in anime/manga Kimetsu No Yaiba Merchandise!

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