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The Secrets Behind Tanjiro’s Earrings

Before we start, be aware that his blog post may contain spoilers for anime watchers, this is a manga orientated article but if you guys don’t care and just want to enjoy this theory then keep reading and for those who don’t read the manga then read the manga you guys are missing out on a lot of important stuff.

Tanjiro’s Family Heritage

At the start of the popular series we are introduced to the Kamado family who consisted of our main protagonists the eldest son Tanjiro, his mother Kie, his sisters Nezuko and Hanako and his brothers Takeo, Shigeru and Rokuta. Due to Tanjiro’s father Tanjuro’s death by an illness tanjiro had to take on a heavy role of supporting the family business of selling fuel for fire from charcoal to firewood Tanjiro was also responsible in doing most of the heavy lifting in carrying the products to the nearest town in order to sell them to support the family.

The Secrets Behind Tanjiro’s Earrings

Kamado family

At the start of the series, Tanjiro is only 13 years old yet he constantly did go from his home where they lived on a mountain to town and then back up again to the mountain. He did this on a regular basis, back then they didn’t question about child labor it was do or die! However as we know after coming back from one of his trips he found his family dead apart from his sister Nezuko who turned into a demon and that’s where our story begins. this is the sadness requirement of a Demon Slayer they always have a past okay now so why didn’t Muzan kill his family and let’s be real now if Tanjiro wasn’t busy selling firewood he would also be dead too. Either way we know that Muzan personally went to the mountains to kill this family, what was his reason ?

The Hanafuda wearing Samurai

well in chapter 14 when Tanjiro first encounters Kibutsuji Muzan, Muzan took notice to Tanjiro’s hanafuda earrings along having a flashback of a man who possesses a pair of earrings identical to Tanjiro’s.

The Secrets Behind Tanjiro’s Earrings

In this flashback it shows that muzan is seemingly defeated on the ground while the badass demon slayer looking down on him. However obviously this demon slayer didn’t finish the job as Muzan is still alive in the present era.

The Secrets Behind Tanjiro’s Earrings

Nevertheless due to this Muzan felt threatened by Tanjiro and his connection to the point of wanting him dead. This can also be the reason Tanjiro’s family was targeted because Muzan knew of a connection of the Kamado family and the mysterious demon slayer.

So who exactly is this mysterious demon slayer ?

well in chapter 81 we learn more about him in another flashback but this time it was through the interaction between Tanjiro and Daki. Daki being the sixth upper moon she is strongly connected to Muzan by his blood and cells. When Tanjiro used the breath of the Sun or in this case the dawn of the Sun God and gives the speech questioning the reason behind demons killing people this triggers Daki to start having overlapping memories and recalls Muzan’s past which shows the same demon slayer of the past that nearly put a end to Muzan. This time the illustration is much clearer.

The Secrets Behind Tanjiro’s Earrings

daki, upper moon six

The demon slayer has a long samurai hairstyle and wears the distinct hanafuda earrings that we also see Tanjiro wearing. the demon slayer also has a unique red mark on his forehead. Now in the same chapter just earlier Tanjiro receives a letter from Shinjuro rengoku who is the father of Kyojuro. Shinjuro says that Tanjiro is a chosen user of the breath of the sun which is the father of all breaths. He goes on to state that they all have red birth marks on their forehead although Tanjiro dismisses this and explains the origin of his mark on his forehead being just a scar rather than a birthmark and his own father Tanjuro had a slight birthmark on his forehead too.

The Secrets Behind Tanjiro’s Earrings

Is Tanjiro connected to the Hanafuda Demon Slayer ?

This leads us to a main theory of this article : that Tanjiro is the descendant or somehow connected to the Demon Slayer with the hanafuda earrings from the past. More than likely from his father’s side this theory is later reinforced in chapter 99 where they dream that Tanjiro has but before we get into this dream we need to point out how awesome the cover art for this chapter is : it’s a back view illustration of this mystery hanafuda earrings samurai Demon Slayer like look at it it looks pretty cool right ? If you’re interested in buying some great anime earrings, give a look at anime merchandise’s collection of exclusive anime earrings !

The Secrets Behind Tanjiro’s Earrings

In this dream or ancestral flashback that Tanjiro has it starts off with a first-person view of a character bringing some food and tea to the Hanafuda demon slayer who’s actually a guest to the house and looking after a baby. We then learn that this character that Tanjiro is seeing through looks very much like Tanjiro which makes it pretty obvious that he is Tanjiro’s ancestor. His name is Sumiyoshi and he liked to come out of family works in the field of making fire in his case he is a coal burner. The demon slayer is looking after his baby while Sumiyoshi’s wife is resting. Through Sumiyoshi and the demon slayer’s interaction it seems that Sumiyoshi was saved by the demon slayer at one point in his life and at times the demon slayer comes over to his house.

The Secrets Behind Tanjiro’s Earrings

Sumiyoshi, the Demon Slayer and his wife

It’s not exactly clear what the relationship is however putting everything together it’s very likely that Sumiyoshi respected this demon slayer a lot, felt indebted to him and wanted to carry on his legacy through his children. Unlike Tanjiro and his father Tanjuro, Sumiyoshi isn’t seen with the Hanafuda earrings so the tradition of wearing it more likely started in Sumiyoshi’s kids or later generation. It’s also possible from Sumiyoshi’s kids and descendants they led the dance of the fire god’s breath style and pass it on from generation to generation.

The Secrets Behind Tanjiro’s Earrings

Now here is where we add to our theory of Tanjiro being related to the Hanafuda wearing demon slayer. How you ask well let’s look at Sumiyoshi’s wife as she lays on the floor we get a glimpse of her hair and it looks quite similar to the Hanafuda demon Slayer’s hair. Even though this may be a stretch but just going by this we can assume that Sumiyoshi’s wife is the sister of the Hanafuda demon slayer.So this technically would make Tanjiro related to a hanafuda samurai demon slayer however it is also possible that they aren’t directly related at all but just connected in another way. This once again is just the anime theory.

Yoriichi Tsugikuni and the Hanafuda Earrings

Now funny enough after tanjiro wakes up from his dream he later encounters a fighting doll in chapter 113 which resembles our mysterious Hanafuda samurai demon slayer. Tanjiro even states that its face looks familiar ! We did learn that this fighting doll is based on an actual swordsman from the Sengoku era and they named it Yoriichi Zeroshiki and let’s be honest this Samurai that they based it on off is the same badass Demon Slayer with the hanafuda earrings.

So you know what let’s make things easier and call this Demon Slayer the real Yoriichi. We also learned that this fighting doll needed six arms with six swords to even come close to replicating the real-life movements of Yoriichi which goes to show you how strong this Samurai was. Now Tanjiro ends up practicing against this doll version of Yoriichi until he ends up breaking and reveals a rusted sword hidden inside the base of the doll. The sword is around 300 years old and more than likely belonged to Yoriichi when he was alive. The quick side note is that the demon slayer universe seemed to be in line with the concept of destiny ! Like what are the chances that our main protagonist who bears the same forehead mark, earrings and has flashback recalling this person ends up finding his sword..

The Secrets Behind Tanjiro’s Earrings

Koyoharu Gotouge is definitely trying to put some destiny into play. So after finding the samurais blade it’s later reforged by Tanjiro’s swordsmith Haganezuka to be given to Tanjiro as his new sword. Now this is quite important as the one of the last point we want to mention is that Tanjiro’s connection with Yorochi is shown in chapter 113 where Tanjiro after finally being able to turn his black sword red recalls an inherited memory of Sumiyoshi hearing a woman who is supposedly his wife saying that Yoriichi’s sword turns red when he fights but otherwise is always black much like Tanjiro’s sword at that instance so Tanjiro’s ability to utilize the breath of the Sun is due to his relation with Yoriichi or possibly Yoriichi’s spirit is being related with Tanjiro.His hanafuda earrings could have got passed down from him over the years to carry his legacy.

Kokushibo once wore the same earrings as Tanjiro

Now moving on we need to get introduced to a character who actually resembles this mysterious first breath samurai demon slayer. The character who resembles Yoriichi is the strongest and the first member of the child demon moons : the upper moon one Kokushibo. However we believe that the demon moon one and the real Yoriichi are not the same person although we do believe there is some type of relation between them. The wife of Kagaya Ubuyashiki, the demon slayer leader, explains the demon slayer mark. She talks about swordsmen, the first breath from the Sengoku era and we see images of different swordsmen with the mark : one looking like Yoriichi and possibly another looking like Kokushibo and we already confirmed that the man that Muzan fears, the one that always appears in this flashbacks, the one that appears in Tanjiro’s flashbacks, the one that was later modeled into a fighting Samurai doll Yoriichi is from the Sengoku period.

The Secrets Behind Tanjiro’s Earrings

Everything seems to be coming together ! So we learnt about who is Yoriichi but who exactly is Kokushibo and why does he look so similar to Yoriichi well let’s actually understand and analyze this. In chapter 165 it shows that the mist pillar Muichiro Tokito notices Kokushibo sword indicating that he must have been a demon slayer before in his past life and after that Kokushibo also notices something about Tokito and that is that he is his own descendant. Kokushibo explains to him that before he became the upper moon one of the tough demon moons Kokushibo was a human that went by the name of Michikatsu Tsugikuni and after hearing Tokito’s full name he realizes that the Tsugikuni family name has died out over the hundreds of years from his time.

Kokushibo explains that he was born around the Sengoku period once again this is the same timeline as Yoriichi and the first breath user. When Kokushibo was a human he more than likely was among the tribe for the first breath users and going over our anime theory all in all Kokushibo seems like he was the brother of the first breath user Yoriichi along with that Kokushibo displayed his power using the breath of the Moon which funny enough it seems like the yin and yang to the breath of the Sun it’s highly likely that Yoriichi is Kokushibo’s elder brother or vice versa when they were humans.

The Secrets Behind Tanjiro’s Earrings

So going by this theory, if Tanjiro is related to Yoriichi then he must be also related to Kokushibo and as we know from Kokushibo, as he stated in chapter 165, he is the direct forefather of Muichiro Tokito which technically would make Tokito and Tanjiro related in some sort of way. Also later in chapter 166 it adds more to the theory because Kokushibo states how nostalgic the view of demon slayer siblings are when he sees Genya and the wind pillar Sanemi brothers side-by-side which could indicate that he himself once related to this brotherly relationship possibly when him and Yoriichi was fighting side by side as demon Slayers / brothers in arms.

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